Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin are the founders of Quantum Valley Investments, focusing on the commercialization of breakthrough technologies in Quantum Information Science.  Mike and Doug share a passion and shared vision toward the development of the “Quantum Valley” in Waterloo, Ontario.

Founders & Managing Partners

Mike Lazaridis

Doug Fregin

VP & General Counsel

Cosimo Fiorenza

Scientific Advisory Committee

"Quantum mechanics is the ultimate law of nature and when we build quantum devices we can realize efficiencies that greatly exceed any existing classical devices. Today we have robust quantum technologies that can be deployed as sensors, actuators, communication channels and small processors. The opportunity is to creatively connect such devices to important applications in a broad range of areas including medical, health, energy, security, environment, nanoscience, nondestructive testing, etc.. This fund will provide the resources to enable this."
- David Cory, Chair of the QVI Scientifc Advisory Committee

David Cory

Chair of SAC

Raymond Laflamme

Committee Member

Steve MacLean

Committee Member

Neil Turok

Committee Member