How To Apply

How-to-Apply-2DP_0642Individuals wishing to be considered for funding by The Fund can apply by sending a description of their Quantum Information Science breakthrough to the Managing Partners, in confidence.  The description should be no more than two pages (front and back) using normal size text.   Applicants are discouraged from providing materials in excess of the foregoing length as part of their original application as such materials will not be reviewed.



Please do not send any information to Quantum Valley Investments Inc. or the Quantum Valley Investment Fund LP (collectively “QVI”) that constitutes a trade secret or is confidential or proprietary. QVI cannot agree to obligations of confidentiality or non-disclosure with regard to information submitted to it. By submitting information or materials to QVI, you and anyone acting on your behalf agree that any such information or materials will not be considered confidential or proprietary.  QVI is not obligated to review any information or materials sent to it.  QVI reserves the right to reject information or materials in its sole discretion and QVI shall be under no obligation to return any information or materials to you. It is possible that QVI will receive a number of similar plans and ideas, you understand that your idea may have previously been submitted to QVI and may be under our consideration. In no event shall QVI be limited or restricted from pursuing any opportunities with others.